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RingMasterUK Head Speed Tennis ball

Quick Overview
RingMasterUK Head Speed ball features head band with the ball attached to it. Perfect for training of any age and any competitive level. Wear it around the head and start hitting the ball to improve had eye coordination, attention span and quick reflexes. New learners Look out for the rebound to avoid injuries.
RingMasterUK Head Speed ball is a new training equipment, perfect for both amateur and professional fighters to work on their hand eye coordination, attention span and quick reflexes.
It can be used by users of any age and competitive level.
The set comes with head band with the tennis ball attached to it, The right way of wearing the head band around the head.
The ball will move and the elastic rope will stretch naturally when hitting it.
When the rope contracts the ball will rebound so the user can hit again.
Since different force directions will cause different movement trails, the user needs to grasp the correct action for next hitting.
It is necessary for a new learner to slow down hitting speed to avoid the ball rebounding to your face.
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