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RingMasterUK Head Speed Tennis ball Green

Quick Overview

RingMasterUK Head Speed ball features head band with the ball attached to it. Perfect for training of any age and any competitive level. Wear it around the head and start hitting the ball to improve had eye coordination, attention span and quick reflexes. New learners Look out for the rebound to avoid injuries.

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  • IMPROVE HAND-EYE CO-ORDINATION: RingMasterUK Head Speed ball is perfect equipment to improve hand eye coordination. From beginner to professional, this boxing ball is sure to give you the workout you need. It is an exciting toy for kids and excellent workout tool that improves the concentration level and attention span.

  • PORTABLE PACK: The whole equipment comes in a portable packaging which can be carried around easily in anything, even in your pocket and allows you to use it anywhere.

  •  FIBER-SHOCK TECHNOLOGY: The elastic string is made of polypropylene shock cord fiber that offers optimum potential energy when the string stretches, which makes the ball rebound at ideal speed to improve the reflexes. 

  • FUZZY-TECH SURFACE: The fuzzy texture used on surface of the ball provides added friction allowing the ball to hit proportionately. The weightless ball used for RingMasterUK Head speedball goes through complex process to keep the specification - weight, size and hardness super consistent.

  • ELASTIC SHOCK CORD HEADBAND: The elastic band is made of shock cord elastic band allowing it to stretch to extra 5 inches without losing the elasticity, which means a person of any age group can use it. The extra strong Velcro used in the headband keeps the headband intact.
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