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The RingMasterUK Wrist Strap is designed to provide maximum grip and optimum protection to wrists from possible injuries while lifting weights. Neoprene in the centre to provide cushioning the wrist under heavy pressure and protect the skin from any scratch. the weightlifting wrist wrap is approx. 23.5CM in length and made of durable material with wrist lock-in loop. It provides maximum support to the gym trainers and professionals.


  • Approx. 23.5 CM in Length
  • Made out of durable Cotton
  • During heavy lifting, Neoprene Padding cushions the wrist smoothly
  • Wraps 2-3 times around the bar and provide perfect grip
  • Made of durable material
  • Wrist lock-in loop.
  • All in one i.e. one size fits all
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