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RingMasterUK Phenom Kids Boxing Gloves CarbonTECH Pink

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Your Kid has taken Boxing, Kickboxing or Muay Thai and all you could find is the stinky gloves in the gym/club for them to wear; so you are looking for a good quality training gloves which are affordable.

  • GET THEM TO BE A MASTER: The latest RingMasterUK Phenom Series are designed to offer maximum protection to your kids while they throw punches on pads, bags and pretty much anything or anyone. The Pink Kids Boxing gloves comes in a portable packaging which can be carried around easily in anything and anywhere.
  • TRIPLE-LAYERED PADDING: The gloves are padded with Triple-Layered polymax contoured foam which absorbs hardest of punches keeping the hands safe by distributing the force applied on it evenly across the padding.
  • CARBONTech LEATHER: While your kids throw hard punches the CarbonTech Leather material offers optimum durability and longevity to keep the gloves intact for longer period.
  • ROBUST GRIP DESIGN: As much as the padding and the material play vital role in making of a good glove, the Robust Grip deisgn adapted by RingMasterUK offers strongest wraparound Velcro closure system to keep the gloves in place.
  • D.S.P SYSTEM: Never forget! The harder they train the more they sweat. The diamond shaped perforation system are specially designed along with moisture wicking mesh lining to keep the inside palm fresh and cool for longer periods.
  • SIZE: 2 oz Suitable for upto upto 4 Yrs; 4 oz Suitable for 5-6 Yrs; 6 oz Suitable for 7-8 Yrs; 8 oz Suitable for 9-10 Yrs old
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Material Synthetic Leather
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